Month: October 2017

Business Objectives / Goals

To create a strong, dynamic and world-class power training institute called NAPTIN. To create a Cadre of Expert and professional Trainers. To develop partnerships, affiliations and linkages with Local and International Training Institutes and Universities. To develop a marketing strategy to market the value of training in power utilities in Nigeria. To Design, Develop, and […]


At NAPTIN our strongly believe and cultures are summed up in these five (5) values: Creativity – we are people of originality Innovation – we strive to improve and match up with modern technological advancement Education – In every training delivery, we ensure learning process is achieved Research and Knowledge – because we have a […]

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission VISION “To be a Lead Centre of Excellence in Providing Training, Sharing Knowledge, Conducting Research, and Providing Policy Advisory in Power Utilities Reform in Nigeria through Developing and Implementing State-of-the-Art Training and Capacity Building Programmes in Partnership with National and International Stakeholders” MISSION To develop and implement state-of-the art programmes in partnership […]

Welcome to NAPTIN

The National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) was established on 23rd March 2009 and commenced full operation in September, 2009. The primary purpose for its establishment is to provide training for power sector personnel and coordinate training activities in the sector. In pursuit of this mandate, NAPTIN has taken over the management of existing […]